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Why I left my job to start Lapid Leaders Africa (Part 1)

One of the questions that I am always guaranteed to be asked in any media interview or speaking engagement, is why I chose to leave a ‘high flying’ job to start Lapid Leaders Africa. Initially, this question used to puzzle me as I sincerely did not see any reason not to. Afterall, the institutions I was working for, were also started by individuals like me, years ago. However, over time, I began to realise the importance of this question. ‘The Why Question’ is the most important question to any venture. It will be a reason that you will need to revisit time and time again. The last few weeks I have revisited this why question – at my own prompting.  (more…)


Why I chose to leave my job and start Lapid Leaders Africa (Part 2)

In the previous blog, I shared about the journey that got me to this point of working on Lapid Leaders Africa (LLA). LLA exists to prepare the youth to be values-driven leaders and entrepreneurs in the marketplace. We utilise a blend of training, personalised mentorship and exposure to equip Lapid Leaders with the skills and values that will distinguish them in the marketplace.  (more…)

The Most Important Mindset for Long-term Success

Over the last few months, my father has been rearing poultry. Yester I had gone to see him and found that poultry were ill. The vet had diagnosed the problem as ‘water belly’. As soon as I was told what the problem was, I went to Dr Google to learn about the disease. I can now say that I am an expert of several poultry diseases. As we were talking about the disease, my father made a statement that has stuck with me. He said that he has been getting better at this poultry rearing business with each batch of chicken. He said that this batch of chicken had been the best they had reared so far because he had learned from previous mistakes. He said that the lesson from this batch was on how to avoid ‘water-belly’ and he was sure that the mistakes they had made, would make the next batch even better. As I listened to him, I became mesmerized by these statements. All I could think was that my father clearly has a growth mindset. (more…)

Why writing is so important to us

I have spent a lot of time over the last few days reading about Rwanda as we are planning a Study Mission for some of the Lapid Leaders. This study mission is meant to broaden the perspectives of the Lapid Leaders and help them build a Pan-African mindset. One of the things that has struck me as I have researched Rwanda, is that so much of the history of Rwanda is written through the perspective of non-locals. This is an issue that is prevalent across Africa, many of the African stories are written by foreigners and in the process so much of our history gets lost. A couple of weeks ago we were discussing colonization with a friend who has been spending time creating a documentary on the untold stories of the colonial period. I was surprised by the amount of new information that I got from this individual, turns out my history lessons in high school left out a lot of pertinent details. (more…)