Join the tribe, change your status quo

Saying or writing that I knew what I wanted to do with my life would be one of those famous white lies that people tell. For the longest time coming, I was not living, I was surviving, I was not thriving I was existing. I was one of those guys who would let life happen to him instead of making life happen. I remember making those popular personal timetables back in school, I would even pin them on the locker so that everyone can see that I was also in the league of elites. In one way or the other, whether good luck or sheer tenacity *I wasn’t sure which was which back then* I managed to get to campus. (more…)


How Lapid unlocked my true potential

When I joined Lapid, I badly wanted a change, I needed something that would positively engage my mind and give me an opportunity to see something that was working out in my life. (more…)


This is why we exist, we exist to be catalyst of transformational experiences! This is a great testimonial by one of the Lapid Leaders!


It has been a while since my last blogpost. A lot of things have happened, all I can say is that 2015 has been a defining year for me. Every experience has been amazing but there is one particular experience that I will talk about. It has really transformed me and has been an eye opener. I had to share it with the world, it would be selfish of me not to. Note: Throughout this text I will be calling you (the reader) Baby Bird. To create that personal experience with each other and plus it’s fun at my end (chuckles!).

My Lapid Leaders experience is what I want to talk about. Who is a Lapid Leader? A Lapid Leader is a person who is value driven and is always ready to pay the price for them, enjoys servanthood, he/she is free to be themselves and there are no limits…

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How I have learned to be a Collaborative Leader

Written by: Esther Muna; a fourth year student at University of Nairobi and a Lapid Leader

Throughout my life, I knew that there are certain personality types that I could not work well with. I did not think I could accommodate these personality types due to my own personality. I have been brought up in a space where I had to think and act very fast. As a result, I had no room for people who I considered ‘slow’ or people who took time to make decisions. (more…)

What I learned at the Lapid Leaders Seminar

Written by Wanjiru Mburu

WanjiruLast week I had the opportunity to attend a seminar, I felt different about this one so I was super excited. Looking around me there were young men and women waiting with expectantly for what was to come. Thinking of it now, nothing could have prepared me for the shift that these two days would have in my life.

As I sat through these sessions, by listening I interacted with great people and leaders. My greatest teaching that I carried and will definitely apply can be summed up into “Follow your passion and marry it with a plan and a great work ethic”.


A Lapid Leaders Perspective: Clarified Purpose and Talents

Written by Jane Kamau, a fourth year student at Kenyatta University. 


A journey of discovering my passions, values and talents

My journey in Lapid Leaders Africa (LLA) was very impactful; it has broadened my thinking capacity and shaped my mindset in a great way . I am now a leader and entrepreneur with values and big dreams. LLA has helped me define my purpose and I thank God that I have now realized my purpose as a leader in Africa. I am a skilled secondary school student mentor and a counselor as a result of this journey.  Another thing that stood out for me was….. (more…)

A Lapid Leaders Perspective: Standing Out

Many young people are not living upto their potential because they are struggling with their fears and struggles. They have placed on themselves ceilings that define what they can do and how far they can go. At Lapid Leaders, we help you break away from those ceilings and become the best version of yourself. Check out this testimonial by Timothy Njoroge, a third year student at Africa Nazarene University  (more…)