Build a Community

Throughout the Experience, many special events are organized to create memorable opportunities for participants to build relationships with each other.

5 Things you missed at the Lapid Leaders Open Day

This past weekend, we held our bi-annual Lapid Leaders Open Day. The Open Day is your chance to get any information you need on the Lapid Leaders Experience, have questions answered and to be a part of the Lapid Leaders Tribe! We had an amazing time! If you did not not attend this event, here are 5 things that you missed! (more…)


5 ways volunteering can help your career

One of the key components of the Lapid Leaders Experience is Community Service. Community Service for a good cause changes lives, but it does not just benefit the people you’re helping. Beyond the reasons we have listed in this blog on Community Service being a tool that the African continent needs to embrace in order to progress, volunteering can also further the career of the person that’s serving the community. (more…)