Generation Y Entrepreneurs

AgriBusiness Mentorship – Building Your Future Now

Written by Kelvin Nguyi, a student at Multimedia University of Kenya and and currently taking part in the Lapid Leaders Experience:

Meet Samuel Ndonga, a leading agribusiness consultant, Venture Capitalist and investor. He is currently a Consultant Investment Manager for  Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund (AATIF), a Trustee at The Economic Projects Transformational Facility, a Director at Act! Act Change Transform and a Member of the Advisory Board at BlueInventure TM . We recently had the opportunity to meet and interact with Sammy Ndonga. We were all filled with questions on how  to succeed in Agribusiness and generally business. After a brief introduction he dived into giving us great insights in the sector. (more…)


Is entrepreneurship the answer to youth unemployment in Africa?


In the recent past, Africa has tapped into entrepreneurship as the solution to the problems that the Continent faces. Arguments supporting the idea that entrepreneurs can ignite economic growth in Africa have become prevalent. Kenya is widely recognized as a leader in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. This has led to Kenya becoming known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Africa. (more…)

4 Valuable Startups Launched By Students

At the end of 2015, some of the Lapid Leaders went to Kigali, Rwanda on a Study Mission. They met with various government officials including the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and ICT. One of the things that the government officials highlighted, was that they admire the strong entrepreneurial culture in Kenya. Many young Kenyans (including many college students) are eager to become entrepreneurs if given the needed support in an enabling environment! (more…)

How media is helping us build a successful Mobile App business

Snapshot_6My name is Timothy Njoroge Oduor, I am a Lapid Leader and one of the founders of a company called Yeyo!

In this time and age it’s hard to find enough people with the motivation to create and start their own business especially given the challenge of raising capital. However, for me and a few friends who are the brains behind Yeyo, we thought of a small idea in a very cramped up bedroom, and a company was born. (more…)

Media 101: How to engage media to build your business

IMG-20150719-WA0002While the mission of Lapid Leaders Africa is to prepare young adults to be leaders in the marketplace, without the necessary exposure, it is just a good dream. When we begun this journey, we had to intentionally formulate ways to provide these vision the exposure it needed in order for it to spread its wings. Every new product or service or even worthy cause, needs exposure to its potential customers otherwise it will never pick up from ground zero. One of the ways to provide the needed exposure is through media. (more…)

Entrepreneurship: See Opportunity, Grab Opportunity!

My name is Wairimu Kariuki and I sold sandwiches today. It was amazing and unplanned. I LOVED IT.

IMG_20150728_202728The plan for Monday 6th July 2015 was to attend, with my fellow Lapid Leaders, an Young Entrepreneurship Expo at KICC Nairobi, organized by our good friend David Kyallo. We arrived there early in the morning, set up our Lapid stand at the tent area and proceeded to mingle with other entrepreneurs, checking out the fun tents and taking turns manning our stand( Really, Esther we did!). (more…)

The world of tenders, a gold-mine?

We have had nothing short of an exhilarating weekend. Years from now, this weekend will be firmly entrenched in the mind of many Kenyans. However, I am big on practical stuff, so the question in my head is what practical steps can Kenya’s youth take from the #GES2015Kenya Summit? I have been trying to figure out the relevance of the #GES2015Kenya summit to a young person who was not be able to attend the summit, let alone be anywhere near where the summit will be held. My answer came in the form of a speech that President Uhuru gave a few days prior to the summit; the president directed various government ministries to further simplify the process of the youth taking part in government tenders. (more…)