Leadership 101

Invaluable lessons from the Centum Group CFO


Written by Kagera Brian, a third year student at JKUAT and a Lapid Leader from Cohort 3:

In May I was glad to attend a seminar planned by LLA (Lapid Leaders Africa) and a lot was to be learnt. In one of the sessions we had the chance to be inspired be a great man, this is what current CFO of Centum Samuel Kariuki had to share. (more…)


Achieving Greatness Through Service To Others

One of the greatest tragedies of our time, is that our country is led by people who have little value for the values that every great nation has been built on. The greatest ambition of many of our leaders is to amass power, people who will settle for nothing less than being considered the greatest! Fortunately, this is not a new phenomenon. Centuries ago, there was a team of leaders who also sought after greatness. (more…)

How Leading by Service prepared me to be a great leader

At the heart of the Lapid Leaders Experience, is equipping young adults to be values-driven leaders and entrepreneurs. This is first done through the classes during the flagship program, and thereafter through the lessons learned through serving in the Lapid Leaders Council. The Lapid Leaders Council (LLC) exists to activate Lapid Leaders into Servant Leaders, by enlisting them in the recruitment and deliver of extraordinary experiences to future cohorts. (more…)

An amazing study trip with 3 powerful lessons

Lessons from Addis by Caroline Gathungu, a graduate of KCA University

Before I left Kenya for Addis I knew that this would be an awesome experience because God had already began working things out even when I least expected Him to. I got my passport in two weeks, God provided the finances I needed and I got leave from work among others; all these events made me know for a fact that God had already given us favor for this trip. (more…)


Written by Kennedy Kithia, a Lapid Leader and fourth year student of JKUAT

Its 4.00 am, lifeless does not even begin to explain the mood of the time. A terrifying stillness other than my roommate’s momentary turns in his huge fluffy duvet. There’s my alarm, well distanced from my bed screaming to Kingdom come(I like the ringtone though, downloaded it after watching a certain Indian movie called bodyguard, you should watch it). So I have to silence it’s beakering and the only way to do so is to get out of bed. Do I want to? Of course I do! Do I like it however? Definitely not! But it’s what we call ‘The Grind’. Where we do what we have to do so we can do what we want to do! (more…)