How Mentorship is Exposing Me to Opportunities

Written by Abel Ndinyo, a student at Multimedia University of Kenya and currently taking part in the Lapid Leaders Experience:

The Lapid Leaders Africa Mock Interview Day was held on 17th September, 2016 and was administered by Human Resource Managers from various companies. Gloria Akinyi the HR Advisor East & French West Africa at Kantar Millward Brown and the Human Resource Manager in Sub Saharan Africa for Millward Brown (a global research firm) was one of the panelists to grace the occasion. She conducted several group and individual interview sessions, and gave everyone invaluable feedback on how to ace interviews in future.

A few weeks later, we found ourselves at the reception of Millward Brown offices at Ngong RaceCourse, to thank Gloria Akinyi for making the time to mentor us during the Mock Interview process. During the visit, Gloria and her team gave us a brief history about Millward Brown. We were introduced to the research team, a field that we are interested in pursuing a career in, and the team explained to us all we needed to know about research, grouping it under qualitative and quantitative research. Furthermore, there were various specialties leading from quality control and data processing just to mention a few. This session was marked by deep understanding of market research, from the information gathering process to analyzing of the data and presentation of it to clients.

Post-Mock Interview Debrief Session

We were then taken to other departments including finance department and data processing center just to also mention a few, introducing us to her workmates who at every pit stop welcomed us and had some words of wisdom and encouragement to share with us, all in all the reception was awesome! From the various spacious elegant looking meeting rooms, there was another room which caught our eyes, “the chill out”. Yes! The Chill out! You heard me right. Luckily she asked us if we could spend some time and relax at the chill out and have a taste of what it felt like as she had to leave for a certain meeting. “Yes!” we all agreed in unison.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Miss Gloria Akinyi for hosting us and giving us a tour of their offices at Millward Brown. Our minds were opened to the opportunities available at Millward Brown and similar industries. We look forward to exploring any employment opportunities that may come up at Millward Brown as we seek to grow our career in the field.

We are learning that mentorship transforms the way we lead and live, and we are excited at the opportunities that we are able to explore as we engage with the Lapid Leaders Experience.


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