Africans for Africa, the Lapid Way

Written by Angeline Mburu, President Learning Labs Cohort 4 – Lapid Leaders Africa:

It’s week two already!!!! We can’t believe how fast time flies when you are having fun. Its been a fun week. The cadets are super super excited about the future weeks. This Cohort has really taken things a notch or should I say several notches higher.

This week we have been examining Africa and how its leadership is and why it is this way. This session always has a special effect. It opens you to ask yourself what are you doing to change this African story? Are you doing anything to shape the plot? Are you defining the themes you want highlighted here? It is a question of what is my journey of personal leadership? Deep right?

At the beginning of any experience or any problem, it is key to examine the extra coming to the intra and how you can use intra to change the extra. What are my values? What are my squad’s values?

We are Lapid Leaders. We are Cohort 4

For this session, we had the privilege of hosting Michael Njenga, a Senior Anchor at Citizen TV who is passionate about young people as he shared his personal leadership story. His story is powerful and truly one of a leader. He insisted that attitude is key to every situation.

The attitude of a lion and that of an eagle will take you further. You don’t have to be the smartest, most qualified, most beautiful, and strongest among those around you, that’s not important. The most important thing is your attitude to the situation and tasks at hand.

The squads at Lapid Leaders Africa have a winning attitude, an attitude of humility, an attitude of greatness. For as a man thinks, so is he…your thoughts are determined by your attitude. Your actions are guided by your thoughts.

We also started our journey towards learning about entrepreneurship and simply that entrepreneurship is management. It is learning to manage your resources to solve a problem and grow those resources in the process. There are problems everywhere and all of these have the potential to become profitable enterprises.

At the end of this session, we all left their asking ourselves, what is my attitude towards Africa? Am I passionate about my continent? Am I for Africa or against is? Do I feel happy each time an African succeeds? Do I support my own? Well I am for Africa, I believe in its capability, it potential. I believe that we are rising and writing our story. I am a proudly Lapid and we are a touch in the darkness for Africa.


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