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A chic in love with her Maker who happens to be a Kenyan.

AgriBusiness Mentorship – Building Your Future Now

Written by Kelvin Nguyi, a student at Multimedia University of Kenya and and currently taking part in the Lapid Leaders Experience:

Meet Samuel Ndonga, a leading agribusiness consultant, Venture Capitalist and investor. He is currently a Consultant Investment Manager for  Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund (AATIF), a Trustee at The Economic Projects Transformational Facility, a Director at Act! Act Change Transform and a Member of the Advisory Board at BlueInventure TM . We recently had the opportunity to meet and interact with Sammy Ndonga. We were all filled with questions on how  to succeed in Agribusiness and generally business. After a brief introduction he dived into giving us great insights in the sector. (more…)


How Mentorship is Exposing Me to Opportunities

Written by Abel Ndinyo, a student at Multimedia University of Kenya and currently taking part in the Lapid Leaders Experience:

The Lapid Leaders Africa Mock Interview Day was held on 17th September, 2016 and was administered by Human Resource Managers from various companies. Gloria Akinyi the HR Advisor East & French West Africa at Kantar Millward Brown and the Human Resource Manager in Sub Saharan Africa for Millward Brown (a global research firm) was one of the panelists to grace the occasion. She conducted several group and individual interview sessions, and gave everyone invaluable feedback on how to ace interviews in future.


5 Key Components of success in Agribusiness

Written by Brendan Kuria, a student at JKUAT and currently taking part in the Lapid Leaders Experience:

Recently, some of the Lapid Leaders and I had the privilege of holding a mentorship session with Sammy Ndonga, who is one of the leading Agribusiness consultants in the continent, and is currently working with Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund (AATIF). (more…)

5 Things You Must Do To Get Your First Job After Uni

Next week we will hold our bi-annual Career Preparedness Bootcamp. We believe that building the kind of career that you would like to have, takes being very intentional, as early as even high school. The earlier you start, the higher the likelihood of getting a job straight out of uni. Unfortunately, the majority of uni students are not doing this.

In this blog, we highlight some of the things that students should be doing to set themselves up for jobs when they graduate. During the Career Preparedness Bootcamp, we will cover this in more depth. (more…)

Africans for Africa, the Lapid Way

Written by Angeline Mburu, President Learning Labs Cohort 4 – Lapid Leaders Africa:

It’s week two already!!!! We can’t believe how fast time flies when you are having fun. Its been a fun week. The cadets are super super excited about the future weeks. This Cohort has really taken things a notch or should I say several notches higher. (more…)

Invaluable lessons from the Centum Group CFO


Written by Kagera Brian, a third year student at JKUAT and a Lapid Leader from Cohort 3:

In May I was glad to attend a seminar planned by LLA (Lapid Leaders Africa) and a lot was to be learnt. In one of the sessions we had the chance to be inspired be a great man, this is what current CFO of Centum Samuel Kariuki had to share. (more…)

How the Lapid Leaders Experience Gives Students Real-World Challenges

Written by Ian Duncan, a student at the University of Nairobi, a Lapid Leader from Cohort 3:
As part of the Lapid Leaders Experience, we are equipped with the skills required in every leader today. These skills included: Communication, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration / Building relationships among others. The Project Challenge Day is the culminating event during which the students put into practice what they’ve learned.