Invaluable lessons from the Centum Group CFO


Written by Kagera Brian, a third year student at JKUAT and a Lapid Leader from Cohort 3:

In May I was glad to attend a seminar planned by LLA (Lapid Leaders Africa) and a lot was to be learnt. In one of the sessions we had the chance to be inspired be a great man, this is what current CFO of Centum Samuel Kariuki had to share. (more…)


5 Things you missed at the Lapid Leaders Open Day

This past weekend, we held our bi-annual Lapid Leaders Open Day. The Open Day is your chance to get any information you need on the Lapid Leaders Experience, have questions answered and to be a part of the Lapid Leaders Tribe! We had an amazing time! If you did not not attend this event, here are 5 things that you missed! (more…)

Uganda through the eyes of Monica Wakio

As part of the Lapid Leaders Experience, we spent one week in Kampala. One word describes the one week, ‘interesting’. We left Kenya on a Sunday at 6am and arrived the Kenya-Uganda border at around 6pm, only to get stuck in the border for a while. Why? We did not have passport size photos and ID photocopies. Sad. Uh! For over 30 minutes, we hustled to get these documents. The driver was very mad at us. I don’t how he managed to be calm later. (more…)

Lessons from Uganda Study Trip on Leading Self

The Lapid Leaders Experience uses a dynamic blend of world-class training, intensive experiences and highly personalized mentorship to provide the optimal amount of structured experiences to the students. We utilise experiential learning to brings concepts to life. One aspect of the experiential learning is the Africa Experience  which involves a Study Trip to a country in the region. While the previous cohort conducted their Study Trip in Rwanda, the current cohort of Lapid Leaders conducted their study trip in Uganda and Ethiopia. Rachael Wambui, one of the Lapid Leaders who took part in the Study Trip to Uganda filed this report. (more…)

World of Opportunities: 3 Lessons from the Start-up weekend

Written by Derrick Mwiti, a third year student at Multimedia University of Kenya

This year’s Startup Weekend Education Nairobi (SWEDU) was held on 21st May @iBizAfrica Strathmore. Startup Weekend Education brings together programmers, marketer, designers, and startup enthusiasts to form teams and launch EdTech businesses in less than 54 hours!As part of the Lapid Leaders Experience, we were invited to take part in the experience. (more…)


Written by Sharon Wanja, a third year student at JKUAT

Lapid Leaders Africa is a place where leaders are made, business minds are built, mind-sets are changed and critical thinking is encouraged. In addition, Lapid Leaders are exposed to various opportunities; I got to talk to some of the people who were lucky enough to get jobs or internship through Lapid Leaders Africa here is what they had to say. (more…)