Employers: Understanding Generation Y Employees

AgriBusiness Mentorship – Building Your Future Now

Written by Kelvin Nguyi, a student at Multimedia University of Kenya and and currently taking part in the Lapid Leaders Experience:

Meet Samuel Ndonga, a leading agribusiness consultant, Venture Capitalist and investor. He is currently a Consultant Investment Manager for  Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund (AATIF), a Trustee at The Economic Projects Transformational Facility, a Director at Act! Act Change Transform and a Member of the Advisory Board at BlueInventure TM . We recently had the opportunity to meet and interact with Sammy Ndonga. We were all filled with questions on how  to succeed in Agribusiness and generally business. After a brief introduction he dived into giving us great insights in the sector. (more…)


5 ways to ensure collaborative victory

Over the last few weeks we have been talking about collaboration and why it is one of the most important skills in the 21st century. You can read this blog (here) where we have explained how institutions of higher learning are failing Kenyan graduates by not teaching the students to collaborate. In this blog (here) one of the Lapid Leaders shares the lessons on collaboration that she picked as part of the Lapid Leaders Experience. The question we are still asking is how can we become better Collaborative Leaders.  (more…)


Obama picCaroline Mutoko has been running a vlog that shares great insights on different issues. Last week, she ran a very insightful vlog series on #LessonsFromObama. You can watch the vlog here. She shares 3 lessons she picked from the Obama visit and nudges her viewers to think about the lessons they picked as well. So we rose to the bait and decided 3 days of being glued to the TV and mesmerized by this President from  the Land of Milk and Honey, best produce at least 3 lessons. We will share 2 of the lessons we picked from Obama’s visit.  (more…)