AgriBusiness Mentorship – Building Your Future Now

Written by Kelvin Nguyi, a student at Multimedia University of Kenya and and currently taking part in the Lapid Leaders Experience:

Meet Samuel Ndonga, a leading agribusiness consultant, Venture Capitalist and investor. He is currently a Consultant Investment Manager for  Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund (AATIF), a Trustee at The Economic Projects Transformational Facility, a Director at Act! Act Change Transform and a Member of the Advisory Board at BlueInventure TM . We recently had the opportunity to meet and interact with Sammy Ndonga. We were all filled with questions on how  to succeed in Agribusiness and generally business. After a brief introduction he dived into giving us great insights in the sector. (more…)


World of Opportunities: 3 Lessons from the Start-up weekend

Written by Derrick Mwiti, a third year student at Multimedia University of Kenya

This year’s Startup Weekend Education Nairobi (SWEDU) was held on 21st May @iBizAfrica Strathmore. Startup Weekend Education brings together programmers, marketer, designers, and startup enthusiasts to form teams and launch EdTech businesses in less than 54 hours!As part of the Lapid Leaders Experience, we were invited to take part in the experience. (more…)

Is entrepreneurship the answer to youth unemployment in Africa?


In the recent past, Africa has tapped into entrepreneurship as the solution to the problems that the Continent faces. Arguments supporting the idea that entrepreneurs can ignite economic growth in Africa have become prevalent. Kenya is widely recognized as a leader in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. This has led to Kenya becoming known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Africa. (more…)