Cohort 2


Written by Sharon Wanja, a third year student at JKUAT

I got to talk to Eric Mwangi, one of the Lapid Leaders, on some of the opportunities that came from his Lapid Leaders Experience. (more…)


World of opportunities – Paul Ng’ang’a: Marketing at Riza Events

Interview with Paul Ng’ang’a: Marketing, Riza Events.Recent graduate of South Eastern Kenya University

Why did you join Lapid Leaders Africa? I decided to apply to join Lapid Leaders Africa (LLA) because I wanted to learn skills that would make me more employable for when I graduate. When I secured the role as an intern for Riza Events, I quickly grabbed this opportunity as it was in line with my career interests. (more…)

Polycarp Agoi I have a dream speech

This is as a public speech delivered by Polycarp Agoi during the Cohort 2 Graduation

“Who took my money?!” Our class teacher asked, Ms. Phyllis asked. I was in class 4 yellow at Forest View Academy. We had just come from lunch and the class teacher had called the class immediately to order to carry out an inquest of who has taken her money from her desk. (more…)

I chose the road-less traveled

Written by Kennedy Kithia, a Lapid Leader

Romans 12:2, Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Being in my prime in campus, conformity was my greatest battle, it’s the easiest option after all. However, through my Lapid Experience, I have learnt otherwise, that it is not the easiest option that brings an impact, but rather the tough one. (more…)

I believe in my dreams no matter what

Written by Linda Doreen Otieno, a Lapid Leader

How can you convince an ordinary African man, that the right to sport is a fundamental human right? That was a question by my university supervisor that shed some reality into my dreams. It was then that I decided to prove that this statement was feasible. I am a lover of sports and all its components. I can talk about football, rugby, athletics, you name it, all day and night. I needed to settle on one sport, field hockey is the sport my heart settled on. (more…)

Why I am proud to be a Lapid Leader

Written by Nicholas Wekesa, a student of MultiMedia University of Kenya

Lapid Leaders (43 of 60)The last six months of my life have been a moment of great transformation. I have seen myself undergo a lot of positive changes that have been of great significance to me. I feel completely different. My life feels refreshing. All these owing to the Lapid Leaders Africa program. It is the story behind every new positive aspect in my life and I am deeply grateful to God for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be part of the program. (more…)

See what Lapid Leaders have to say about the Experience

Lapid Leaders (37 of 60)

Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly

“Like many other graduates, I finished my undergraduate studies with one question lingering in my head; what next? Two simple words that hold a lot of meaning. I had a feeling of inadequacy, desperation and to some extent, depression all these as a result of trying to answer the question ‘what next?’.

I felt that there was still something missing and I wasn’t ready for the job market. But thanks to the 3 months spent at Lapid i now know that i do have much to offer. I’ve learnt the importance of self-respect and the necessity of a good value system that as a leader I am obligated to stand on for me to be a person of influence. I’ve realised that having an idea means nothing if you don’t have the work ethic to back it up and most importantly I’ve realised the importance of relationships, especially those created out of mutual respect and with the intentions of adding value. I now believe that for the African people to realise their potential, we need to work together and build such relationships that will add value to this continent.” Andrew Kagicha, Recent graduate of the School of Law of Catholic University