How Technology is Impacting Lives in Africa

Written by Derrick Mwiti, a Mathematics & Computer Science student of Multi Media University:

Technology has enabled Mark Zuckerberg to connect millions of people to each other via Facebook. Technology has enabled Larry Page and Sergey Brin to provide access to information to millions of people via Google. However, it probably is in Africa where technology has had the most impact. Technology has changed the lives of people (literally) in this Continent, if you doubt that just look at MPESA. Here are several other technological innovations that have had a great impact in Africa. (more…)


Achieving Greatness Through Service To Others

One of the greatest tragedies of our time, is that our country is led by people who have little value for the values that every great nation has been built on. The greatest ambition of many of our leaders is to amass power, people who will settle for nothing less than being considered the greatest! Fortunately, this is not a new phenomenon. Centuries ago, there was a team of leaders who also sought after greatness. (more…)

You will be engaged, stimulated and challenged!

Mid-season reflection report written by Sheroe Mburu, a graduate of JKUAT:

My transformation began at the beginning of the experience when we were required to take a personality test. I was shocked at my results as they were mostly true, I absolutely loved some of the traits highlighted in the results of the test, but did not like some of the traits. (more…)

Get ready to be a changemaker

Written by Winnie Mandela, a graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University

My Lapid Leaders Experience has been a journey of a lot of learning and growth. For starters, I finally understood that there is success beyond failure. For a long time, I struggled with dealing with failure, which hindered me from achieving different goals and led to missing out on opportunities. However, through the different mentors and teachings that I got in Lapid, I have been able to take the bold step of trying, failing and trying again because success lies beyond failure. (more…)

5 Things you missed at the Lapid Leaders Open Day

This past weekend, we held our bi-annual Lapid Leaders Open Day. The Open Day is your chance to get any information you need on the Lapid Leaders Experience, have questions answered and to be a part of the Lapid Leaders Tribe! We had an amazing time! If you did not not attend this event, here are 5 things that you missed! (more…)

How Leading by Service prepared me to be a great leader

At the heart of the Lapid Leaders Experience, is equipping young adults to be values-driven leaders and entrepreneurs. This is first done through the classes during the flagship program, and thereafter through the lessons learned through serving in the Lapid Leaders Council. The Lapid Leaders Council (LLC) exists to activate Lapid Leaders into Servant Leaders, by enlisting them in the recruitment and deliver of extraordinary experiences to future cohorts. (more…)