Invaluable lessons from the Centum Group CFO


Written by Kagera Brian, a third year student at JKUAT and a Lapid Leader from Cohort 3:

In May I was glad to attend a seminar planned by LLA (Lapid Leaders Africa) and a lot was to be learnt. In one of the sessions we had the chance to be inspired be a great man, this is what current CFO of Centum Samuel Kariuki had to share.

  1. Career Planning and Purpose

This story about career planning has been told many a times. Setting yourself short term goals and long term goals on what you wishes are. Goals! Goals! Goals! With this in mind you have a very clear blue print on what you want to achieve when you wake up in the morning, when the following week comes, when six years pass and you have that wonderful feeling of fulfillment when checking off a goal on your list and appreciating where you invested your time in. Besides that you may revaluate yourself at the end of a period and adjust your methods based on the fruits borne whether bitter or sweet as life is never black and white. Finally you get to know your strengths and weaknesses as an individual.

Clear and compelling purpose exists for people who volunteer their best efforts. In this world we have two kinds of people; Initiators and Executors.Think about it which would you choose to be or rather which of the two are you? 90% of the world is made of executors and this involves doing other’s biddings. While initiators pave the way for others, coming up with innovative ideas and ways to develop both themselves and the society, so which are you?

  1. The importance of Emotional Quotient
Group photo 2.JPG

Lapid Leaders pose for a picture at the end of the session

Have you ever been to an occasion like a family gathering, social outing or  a group where you all meet and socialize with each other. Am sure the answer is YES. Various characters will emerge while interacting as a crowd. I want to focus on two aspects of people. One being the silent one and the other the one who is contributing a lot to the discussion. Of the two who has the potential of building a good rapport with the others. The silent one may have a good ideas or solutions if he does not share them the more outgoing person will steal the show. Being a leader mainly consist of 99% dealing with people and building relationships with them.

  1. Personal Growth and development

The majority of us are either in school or working mostly if not always completely stop working after that minute hand goes a minute past five in the late afternoon and resume the following day at eight. Doing this you will just be the same person everyday inspite of the new experiences you may encounter which is blindly relying on chance and luck. Building your own skills and knowledge outside the job will develop your skills and will eventually grow your expert status and credibility in your field not just a work environment.

Personal Growth is as important as development of skills because they build character and who you are as a person and how you associate with others. When was the last time you read a book or novel? When was the last time you engaged in an activity to build or help your community? It may not necessarily be what I have listed but I am sure there is a lot one can do to enhance personal growth.

Finally good old work ethic, doing what is required to be done while at work and avoiding any kind of distractions. This mostly falls under social media and of cos be it not a business meeting or email you are replying too, take the higher road and FOCUS!



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