Achieving Greatness Through Service To Others

One of the greatest tragedies of our time, is that our country is led by people who have little value for the values that every great nation has been built on. The greatest ambition of many of our leaders is to amass power, people who will settle for nothing less than being considered the greatest! Fortunately, this is not a new phenomenon. Centuries ago, there was a team of leaders who also sought after greatness.The scene is the world’s best Leadership Center. Christ is hanging out with His disciples as He has for many months prior to this meeting. As the disciples would have it, they began to have the kind of conversations that happen in many boardrooms today; they got into a debate over a pertinent question, “who among us is the greatest?”

Centuries later, this is still a question that many contend with. People have been back-stabbed others because of this question. People have even killed over this question. Man seems innately hungry for greatness, and so even today, this question is relevant in many spaces.

The answer Christ, the Greatest Leader of all time gives is one of those that we must reflect on. He says, “But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a servant”

A journey towards greatness through service

The Lapid Leaders Experience is built on the premise that greatness is achieved through service. We provide our leaders with opportunities that activate their greatness but through service.

Andrew Kagicha was the President of the 2nd Lapid Leaders Council (LLC). He was responsible for overseeing a team of leaders who were looking after various dockets. Through this experience that he got an opportunity to great practical exposure to leading people of different personalities. He says, ‘’ A more personal reason, why I offered myself for the position of the President of LLC was that I wanted to put myself to the test and see what sort of leader I am. Through the classes, I had learned so much, and so this was an opportunity to practically apply those skills.”

Leadership on its own a hard endeavor, but leading leaders, as Andrew did grows your leadership skills on a whole new level.


The second lesson that Andrew says that he learned through this experience was on leading through influence. In the book The 5 Levels of Leadership, John Maxwell defines leadership by influence as the highest level of leadership. If you can lead volunteers, people who have you cannot motivate through extrinsic motivators, then you are on the path to greatness. Andrew explains how being the President of LLC enabled him to learn to lead through influence. He had to learn to persuade and intrinsically motivate his team.

Andrew says that his greatest lesson was that he can add value to another person’s life. He says, “The opportunity to mentor a group of high school students was an eye opener. It taught me what it really means to serve others and the fact that not only people in my geographical area need my service. The experience taught me to think beyond boundaries of ways to better serve others.

Our world is still plagued with leaders who are seeking to amass more power inorder to feel like they are truly great. However, it is only when we serve others that we truly begin to unearth our true greatness. So imagine a continent led by leaders who will put the interests of the nation above their own interests, leaders who will choose to attain greatness by serving the nation. That journey towards that dream is one we choose to take one step at a time, that journey starts today!

Join u at Kenyatta University on 21 July as we discuss this further with members of the Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators Club.






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