You will be engaged, stimulated and challenged!

Mid-season reflection report written by Sheroe Mburu, a graduate of JKUAT:

My transformation began at the beginning of the experience when we were required to take a personality test. I was shocked at my results as they were mostly true, I absolutely loved some of the traits highlighted in the results of the test, but did not like some of the traits.

This led me onto a discovery journey, I read more on the various personality types and got to understand my personality better. This made me conscious of how I perceive the things around me, how I react to situations, and my preferences in terms of how I choose friends and even how I approach work.

Over the weeks as we went through the Lead Self modules, I got a clearer understanding of who I am, what I expect of myself and even part of what my vision is. I particularly loved the session where one of the speakers encouraged us to come up with our one sentence to define our vision. I came up with, “To use finance and economics to assist young people create wealth in the right way”.

A journey of Learning


Rehema Wangari, Sheroe Mburu and Derrick Mwiti at a past Lapid’ers event

Communication, Leading in the Marketplace and critical thinking are lessons I also enjoyed.

I am working to better my communication so that I can create memorable messages and deliver exemplary presentations. The session by Loise Mboo, the Head of Customer Experiences at KWS, on communication was eye opening and provided great insights on how we communicate. She brought out that communication has to be intentional and illustrated how to block barriers that may affect how we communicate and prevent us from communicating with others.

I am also more aware of the skills that an employers is looking out for in a potential employee, and I have acquired great insights on being on my ‘A’ game during an interview. Eunice Gachunga and Francis , HR practitioners at World Vision, interviewed me during the mock interviews; they really encouraged me and gave me the confidence to walk into an interview room.

Critical thinking is also something I am still implementing. I find that I question things more and and more each day. I no longer settle for what is before me. This is also sharpening my problem solving skills.

Caroline Ndirangu, a Partner at CEZAM Associates, who is passionate about equipping women for the workplace, made me understand the whole idea of women in the workplace better and to not use my gender as “disability” of sorts, to always be prepared and to excellent at all times so that the “woman card” doesn’t apply.

A journey of Exploration

Working on the business idea in my squad has also been challenging. I was oblivious of how much work went into a start-up. I have learnt many new things in the process including the business model canvas, creative thinking, design thinking and market research.

I can say that my skill set has greatly been challenged.

photos & quotes

Overall the experience is changing my life. I wake up earlier and I sleep later. I am more conscious of how I use my time and the people and things that I spend my time on. I can literally feel the stretch. It’s not easy, it’s actually very hard but that is how I know that I am out of my comfort zone.

These are just a few of the things that extremely stood out for me. As part of the experience, reflection has become a daily practice. I not only reflect but I deeply reflect and I pray more. In conclusion my experience so far has been challenging, however, I welcome the challenges and I am enjoying the bumpy road. I am enjoying discovering myself more, and taking up new tasks and venturing into new uncomfortable territories.

Join the next cohort of Lapid Leaders, you will engaged, stimulated and challenged. In the process, you will discover all that you can be. Join us!


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