5 Things you missed at the Lapid Leaders Open Day

This past weekend, we held our bi-annual Lapid Leaders Open Day. The Open Day is your chance to get any information you need on the Lapid Leaders Experience, have questions answered and to be a part of the Lapid Leaders Tribe! We had an amazing time! If you did not not attend this event, here are 5 things that you missed!

An opportunity to be inspired!

If you had attended the Lapid Leaders Open Day, you would have also had the opportunity of meeting Esther Mwaniki, the Founder of Lapid Leaders Africa, and heard firsthand of the vision the Lapid Leaders Tribe. You would have also heard her share the lessons on how she has managed to go further faster.

You also would have had an opportunity to meet Managing Director and Co-Founder a Young Entrepreneurs Expo – Africa, among other Lapid Leaders Mentors.

Start dreaming about your overseas adventure!


Caroline Gathungu, a Lapid Leader, representing at the Africa Union in Ethiopia

At Lapid Leaders, we give you an opportunity to be part of an exciting program to conduct an Study Trip abroad – okay within the confines of the African Continent. If you had attended the Open Day, you would have met the team that visited Uganda and / or Ethiopia and they would have shared the lessons from this adventure.

Meet the reigning President and Vice-President of the Lapid Leaders Council


The President and Vice-President of the Lapid Leaders Council dreaming of the future they would like to give us!

Well, the reigning President of the Lapid Leaders Council was not able to attend the Open Day either, but you could have met the Vice President and learned how they are creating a community for the previous cohorts of Lapid Leaders.

Welcome to the Tribe


You’d have had the opportunity to hear from and learned from other members of the Lapid’ers Tribe. They would have candidly shared with you the lessons they have learned so far, of how they acquired entrepreneurship skills (you can read more here), of how they were exposed to new job opportunities (you can read more here), of how they have acquired skills that have made them not just work-ready but also world-ready.

More importantly, they would have told you why you should sign up to be part of Cohort 4. You would have been part of the launch of the Experience of Cohort 4. The President of the Learning Labs would have shared with you how the team is working hard to deliver an exemplary experience to you.

But all is not lost!


You still have a chance to be part of this Experience, we are still more than willing to reissue you with a similar Open Day. All you need to do is invite us for a Lapid Forum at any of your universities or any other forums. We are happy to come where you are and tell you why you should join the Tribe. Invite us today by getting intouch with Derrick on +254715733445.


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