How Leading by Service prepared me to be a great leader

At the heart of the Lapid Leaders Experience, is equipping young adults to be values-driven leaders and entrepreneurs. This is first done through the classes during the flagship program, and thereafter through the lessons learned through serving in the Lapid Leaders Council. The Lapid Leaders Council (LLC) exists to activate Lapid Leaders into Servant Leaders, by enlisting them in the recruitment and deliver of extraordinary experiences to future cohorts.


Steven Nderitu, a finalist student of the University of Nairobi, enlisted to serve in LLC as the Community Service (CS) Leader for Cohort 3. He was responsible for inducting Cohort 3 into the Community Service Experience, providing them with administrative support and acting as the liaison with the various institutions that Cohort 3 was serving. He says, “Serving as the CS leader under Lapid exposed me to the world, it stretched me to see the gap in the society, and where various people and situations needed me to stand in the gap.”

CS Lead


Steve spoke of how the Experience opened his eyes up to the needs of the community. He said that being the CS Leader gave him a platform to exercise what he had learned in the class.

I had to organize and lead the Cohort 3 team. This involved ensuring that they buy into the vision of serving the community, while also ensuring that they are on their toes in realizing that vision. This was an uphill task, and I learned that selling the vision to the team is not a one-off task but something that you do continuously.

In addition, through the Experience, Steve learned to lead from behind. He finally understood what it meant that being a leader does not mean you be a boss.

Before LLA I could be termed as loner or  a sole player, I was a perfectionist and found myself stuck in tasks because of the burn out of working alone. By being a CS Leader, I learned that team work is very vital in our daily lives as it not only eases and shares responsibilities, but also compliments us as leaders.

However, Steve says that his greatest lesson was that no one is too poor to give.

“As we served together in the CS, I came across various situations that needed to be addressed. People were living in poverty yet we are sitting on resources. As a Lapid Leader, serving is my daily task I need to empower people to reach their potential greatness. I simply can’t sit down and watch”

As Anthony Gitonga said during the Lapid Leaders Cohort 3 Graduation, ‘Leadership is what we do, Service is how we do it”

We believe that the Lapid Leaders Experience is an experience of a lifetime as we prepare Lapid Leaders to not only be work-ready but also world-ready. Our goal is continually sharpen the skills and values of the Lapid Leaders, not only through formal classes, but also through practical experiences that reinforce the lessons learned. We cannot wait to welcome the next chapter of the Lapid Leaders Council. #JoinTheTribe and be part of these Experiences


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