How ethiopia study trip prepared me to be a better entrepreneur

Written by Gerishon Mwaniki, a finalist student of Multi-Media University of Kenya

Contrary to what I perceived Ethiopia to be and contrary to what is reported by media; I found a different land.

No-one told us Ethiopia has an electric rail network sub-connected all round the country, or that Ethiopia had a well structured road system with most bearing 6 lanes. Needless to say, there were barely any roundabouts since the road intertwining system was brilliantly constructed to eradicate traffic caused by cars waiting at traffic lights and roundabouts.


Ethiopia through our eyes

The roads were bordered by beautiful alleys of well maintained flowers,something that made the city look enticing and sweet to be in.

On the other hand, I had I thought that tribalism was a thing that only prevailed in Kenya. However, I found out that Ethiopia share in the same sentiments. Tribalism is as rampant in Ethiopia as it is here. All these new lessons made the Ethiopia Study Trip very intriguing. However, my all time highlights were the various meetings we held.

Personal Take-out
I amassed immense knowledge from every single meeting that I attended, but the Deliver Addis meeting had the largest impact on me. Deliver Addis is a food delivery business that runs on an online order system and partnerships with hotels at different locations all over Addis.


Lapid Leaders at Africa Union

Deliver Addis stood out for me immensely because the meeting happened at the apt time when I had developed an idea for an online food delivery business. Talking to the CEO, I was able to pick metrices that have made Deliver Addis stand to date, measures that they will apply to make the business bigger and what they do to make the business unique and likable to the public eye. I also got to learn their cons, the risks they encountered during commencement phase, and the problems they encounter each day to date. Moreover I got to learn about how they tackle this challenges as they emerge, and the risk prevention measures they apply to stay afloat.

Having met my idea in working progress in Addis, I was highly challenged. Learning their system will help me build an even stronger system, and learning from their mistakes I will be privileged to detect them as they occur and avoid them. I also learnt about the metrices they apply to counter risks and those will greatly help during my implementation.
I now feel ready and equipped to implement my idea  in a much better way and with less complications. Deliver Addis my blast, now to applying ‘sisu‘ to my business!



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