My Lapid Story: A fire reignited


Written by Caroline Kamau, a law graduate of University of Nairobi

My Lapid Experience

From February till the end of May, my Saturday’s have been marked by the Lapid classes. Every Saturday I looked forward to having the leadership labs as we would have various speakers who have amassed a wealth of experience in various sectors come and share their stories as authentically as possible, thus allowing us to have a glimpse into their lives and allowing us to have the passenger seats in their lives albeit for an hour or so.

I particularly loved the use of storytelling as vehicle of delivery by the various speakers.

In addition, our Saturday’s were marked with entrepreneurship labs which were very practical since we had projects which we were running with. I was in a squad named Opulent Warriors, and our project was dubbed ‘Safishangarisha’. We were seeking to be intermediaries for bachelors and spinsters  who employ ‘Mama nguos’, to get their laundry done;  our mantra was ‘life maid easy’.


At Lapid group work is the foundation of all we do and it enables one grow to be a collaborative leader. Along the way, I also picked some nuggets on entrepreneurship the most fascinating thing for me being the business canvas model a pictorial representation of the day to day operations of any business.

My greatest take out though was….

Somewhere along the journey of life, I had forgotten the essence of fighting for personal convictions. Through the Lapid program a fire deep within was reignited, a fire that had long been smothered by the hurdles that life had thrown my way…

I want to the biblical watchman in my day and time!

Ezekiel 3:17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give the warning for me.

Through the weekly modular reading on purpose and passion, and conversations with the various mentors, I unearthed my purpose. My purpose is tied up in Justice and Hospitality.

I intend to use them in an unconventional way as the Lord empowers me!

My prayer is that God will find it fitting and pleasurable to use me as a mouth piece, a voice for the voiceless in my day, as he did with the prophets of old. I want to be counted as one who spoke out against  the vices like corruption, poor leadership and governance, tribalism, nepotism that plague our beloved country.

I reasonate with the lyrics in Juliani’s song ‘Sitasimama maovu yakitawala...’  I refuse to be cowed! I will forge on may the Lord empower me! #iStand4Justice #IAmALapidLeader


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