Lessons from Uganda Study Trip on Leading Self

The Lapid Leaders Experience uses a dynamic blend of world-class training, intensive experiences and highly personalized mentorship to provide the optimal amount of structured experiences to the students. We utilise experiential learning to brings concepts to life. One aspect of the experiential learning is the Africa Experience  which involves a Study Trip to a country in the region. While the previous cohort conducted their Study Trip in Rwanda, the current cohort of Lapid Leaders conducted their study trip in Uganda and Ethiopia. Rachael Wambui, one of the Lapid Leaders who took part in the Study Trip to Uganda filed this report.

First Take-out: Lead Self

While we were in Uganda, I noticed that all our speakers had one thing in common, each of these guys ‘have not arrived’. They are constantly learning. For me, that stood out.

One of my greatest take-out was therefore that I must Lead Self, and this means constantly and consistently improving or adding value to your self. As a leader, once you cease to grow, you deny the people you lead room to also grow. This involves actively seeking out those spaces that make you a better person. These spaces include mentors and books. Alvin Mbugua, the Finance Director of EABL (Uganda) and Susan Nsibirwa, the Marketing Director of Vision Group, put that into perspective for me.


At one of the mentorship sessions in Uganda

Second take-out: Lead Africa

Africa our classroom had so much to offer, so much that we learned from.

It is our responsibility to not only make a change in Kenya but also in Africa. Listening to the speakers from the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of ICT, made me realize that there are very many problems in Africa. If all Lapid Leaders were to pick one problem and make it their life’s calling, we still wouldn’t be enough to solve our African problems. It is however our responsibility to not only break into the East African markets but also the African market, go global even!!!


At one of the Value-Addition Hubs in Makerere University. The Hub is enabling the entrepreneurs to further explore opportunities in Uganda

As leaders, we are stewards of the resources and gifts/ talents entrusted to us. I will ensure that I thoroughly understand my market and address the gaps in as many African countries as I can.

Lastly deciding to be part of this experience is in itself a very wise decision. However, when all is said and done, what you decide to do with that information is what matters, make it count.I intend to be an African Problem-solving Entrepreneur.




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