Written by Sharon Wanja, a third year student at JKUAT

I got to talk to Eric Mwangi, one of the Lapid Leaders, on some of the opportunities that came from his Lapid Leaders Experience.

Please give a brief snapshot of who you are? My name is Eric Mwangi. I work as an Administrator at ACE-Capital / Azalia insurance. I act as the liaison with the various departments in the company. I graduated in 2015 from Egerton University, with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Finance).

How did you secure this job? I was referred to the job by Lead Facilitator of the Lapid Leaders Experience, Esther Mwaniki. During the interview, I did not focus on the traditional way of interviews, I was practical.  In addition, one of the Directors who interviewed me was an alumni of AIESEC which helped us build a rapport. I learned of the importance of networking. Prayer is also very important.

IMG-20160520-WA0005 (1)

What is the most enjoyable part of your job? I enjoy sharing a common interest with my boss since we are both AIESEC alumni’s. Generally, it is a great learning experiences; from going for dinners in places like Intercontinental  Hotels *grins* to meeting new people and gaining new networks.

What have you learned from the job? I have learned to be a sponge and to adapt to different situation. I have also had to be flexible; my degree was in finance but I am working as an administrator. You should always understand the current job market and be willing to learn new things. Getting out of your comfort zone is also important .Lastly, BE A SPONGE. *emphasis*

Did you have worries / concerns before you got the job and how did you overcome them? Yes.I joined Lapid and was actively involved. It kept me busy and occupied. I prayed, prayer helps. Patience, despite all the pressure I was patient.

How has the Lapid Leaders Experience helped you at your place of work? The mock interviews really came in handy during my actual job interview. I applied what I learnt during the mock interview.

Lapid taught me to be an intentional learner in life.The concept of “never arrive” has helped me develop a “healthy curiosity ” mindset,that has seen me absorb alot of skills in the current work setting. In addition, problem solving and critical thinking skills were inculcated in me during the projects we handled in class. This has come in handy in the execution of various day – to – day tasks.

Any advise to future Lapid Leader? Be a sponge. Be willing to learn and always be a work in progress, NEVER ARRIVE. Take whatever opportunity comes your way, but also be careful of the habits you pick up. Be proactive and again be a sponge *laughs*

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining Lapid Leaders? Lapid delivers so join Lapid Leaders Africa.  Work ready, and World ready. Join LAPID LEADERS AFRICA.

P.S: Be a sponge.







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