Written by Sharon Wanja, a third year student at JKUAT

Lapid Leaders Africa is a place where leaders are made, business minds are built, mind-sets are changed and critical thinking is encouraged. In addition, Lapid Leaders are exposed to various opportunities; I got to talk to some of the people who were lucky enough to get jobs or internship through Lapid Leaders Africa here is what they had to say.

Please give a brief snapshot of who you are?


My name is Laura Kaisha. I work as a Training Coordinator at a consultancy firm known as Quadrant Africa. I am also in charge of online marketing for the Training Programs. I graduated from Maseno University in 2014 with a degree in Bachelor of Environmental Science.

Why did you join Lapid Leaders Africa? I had been part of the Lapid Leaders seminar in 2015 and really enjoyed the Experience. I decided I needed to learn more from the program and therefore enrolled for the 3-month flagship program.

How did you secure this job?  The Lead Facilitator of the program, Esther Mwaniki, posted the job in our WhatsApp group and I applied. I believe my interview contributed to me getting the job.

The interview was a very interesting experience, first because I did not have the degree that they were looking for but I still got the job, Secondly *laughs* I had put dancing salsa as one of the things I am good at on my CV and they actually asked me to dance. So I believe my honesty and confidence during the interview got me the job.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job? “mahn that’s crazy” Everything, from interacting with new people every day and making new friends, to learning new things like how to use excel and a photocopying machine (which I had never used before). It’s a great learning experience. I just love the job.

One of my best experience on the job was when I was only 5 days old in the job, I coordinated a training and it was actually very successful.


Did you have worries / concerns before you got the job and how did you overcome them? Yes I did. I graduated in 2014 but did not know what I wanted to do. As a result, my C.V was a mess; I applied to many jobs but got no replies which stressed me. The ‘kujuana mentality’ where you couldn’t get a job unless you had connections was also another thing that stressed me.

Keeping myself busy helped me overcome my worries; I started business selling sandwiches, clothes and jewellery. I also attended a Lapid seminar which motivated me very much, it is one of the reasons I joined the main Lapid program.

How are the skills you acquired at Lapid helping you?? A lot of the things that happen at Lapid help at the work place. For example the weekly readings, attending classes, time keeping, good relations, team work and completing tasks, all these things are very useful for you to succeed at the work place so take note of all the practices you learn at Lapid and you will be sure to succeed.

Any advice for future Lapid Leaders? Be a living testimony of Lapid by being a good ambassador. Take Lapid seriously because Lapid creates networks. It comes with a lot of benefits.  Spread the message about Lapid Leaders out there. Give Lapid your all.

Advice to anyone thinking of joining Lapid Leaders? *takes deep breath* JOIN LAPID IMMEDIATELY!!!

P.S: In whatever you do give it your all and put God first.









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