World of opportunities – Paul Ng’ang’a: Marketing at Riza Events

Interview with Paul Ng’ang’a: Marketing, Riza Events.Recent graduate of South Eastern Kenya University

Why did you join Lapid Leaders Africa? I decided to apply to join Lapid Leaders Africa (LLA) because I wanted to learn skills that would make me more employable for when I graduate. When I secured the role as an intern for Riza Events, I quickly grabbed this opportunity as it was in line with my career interests.

Give a brief snapshot of your role: I am the Marketing Officer / Intern at Riza Events

How did you secure this job? The Lead Facilitator of the program, Esther Mwaniki, posted the job in our WhatsApp group. The CEO of Riza Events had trained us during the program, and since she was now recruiting, she had asked Esther to refer a few Lapid Leaders to the job. I decided to apply for the job. It took a while before we could conclude the recruitment process, but eventually I was hired.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job? I love my job. It’s flexible in terms of the time commitment. In addition, I get to meet leading individuals from top organisations; people that I would have never thought I would ever meet. The working environment is also great, you can express yourself freely which is not always the case in many organisations. Lastly, I am learning many new things!

Who should attend

What specifically have you learned from the job? I have learned many thing. Specifically, I have learned how to use mail merge to your advantage. I also have also acquired skills on event management, excellent Microsoft office suite knowledge, I have learnt how to balance different stockholders during events and event planning. I have basically learnt a lot of public relations.

Did you have worries / concerns before you got the job and how did you overcome them? Yes. I was very concerned that I would not be able to get a job after school. How did I overcome this fear? I got a part time job which kept me busy. In addition, I remained optimistic all through, and joining Lapid leaders Africa also helped. At Lapid I learnt that it’s not all dark, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel plus I acquired a lot of skills. Prayers also helped, I go to church I am part of our church choir.

How did the skills you acquired at Lapid help you? I went through the Lapid Leaders Experience before I got the job and it really has helped. We had lessons on preparations of our C.Vs and cover letters which is very important when applying for a job. We had mock interviews which came in handy since they helped sharpen my interview skills. Communication is also one of the things that is important during the interview and I learnt a lot about communication from Lapid.

Any advice for future Lapid Leaders? Be keen on the mentors and facilitators of the program. Learn as much as possible from facilitators, be willing to learn and have an open mind, learn from everyone around you, respect mutual respect, be on time for classes and do your assignments and read the modules. The end result will be you be a better person and a better leader.

Do you have any advice for any Lapid Leaders who are already at the workplace? Yes of course.

  • Stay updated on current happenings in the country and the world.
  • Develop your people (interpersonal) skills since you will be working with many different people.
  • Be assertive. Be bold and confident.
  • Learn to manage your time which is very important.
  • Work on your communication skills, communication plays a big role at the work place so you have to learn how to express yourself and communicate with different people.

Advice to anyone thinking of joining Lapid Leaders? Please join Lapid Leaders. It will be one of those mistakes that you will look back and thank God you made, it’s simply the best. Lapid leaders helps you to align your goals.

Paul concludes by giving a story about a hare and a crow, a crow was sitting at the top of the tree doing nothing. So a hare passing by decided to do the same thing but on the ground. However, a predator comes along and the hare was eaten, but the crow was still at the top. Moral being “if you want to sit and do nothing make sure you are at the top.”

P.S: It’s always about believing that we will not live in a world that was given to us but in the one we created.



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