After months of painstaking wait, its finally here! Bigger and even better(and with more skirts and dresses… Where are the men of this generation!!??). Lapid Leaders Cohort III!

As I document the occurrences of week zero, I cannot help but feel like I am part of something much bigger than I am. Having the obligation to immortalize events that will permanently alter lives of these brilliant personalities, is no mean feat! I cannot wait to see how I unfold this obligation to document the events of this Cohort. Afterall, we can never know what God sees in us until we walk His talk and realize that we could fly!


Kennedy Kithia, the Communication Leader for Cohort 3, posing for a moment in a past event to be captured

So, I, being the chatterbox that I more often than not am, got talking with some of the members of Cohort 3. I asked, “…so, just curious, what would would your ideal 13th week be like?” I tried to be as polite and laid back as possible. Edwin’s response captivated me, “I see a broken shell and a free me!” Wow! This guy is in the right place more than he knows! I always tell my “Outgoing” friends, “You think you’re outgoing till you join Lapid Leaders.

Edwin is a 3rd year student pursuing a degree in Bsc. Mathematics. He continues to ask me, “You remember the late Prof. George Saitoti?” “Yes i do,” but he continues to elaborate on Prof Saitoti. What I hear had me thinking that I would have given my history teacher one nice punch squarely on the jaw for what he had me miss (thank God I dropped the subject, I may have gone blank in that dreaded national exam KCSE). Edwin draws parallels when speaking about his life with that of such an Icon! Definitely a Lapid leader, I think to myself!
Image 1
“I see you have some buddies already, what do you think about the guys here?” I sneak again. He takes a breath and smiles then says, “I think they’re great.” Then I see his buddy (an accountability partner, really efficient especially when reading the Lapid Leaders manual, I should know coz I had a hard enough time myself but Caleb made it easier for me).
This young lady is his complete opposite, asking all manner of questions (and probably answering them too.) Esther, if you are reading this, your ability to know people is just bewilderingly amazing! I mean, these two are like fire and water! Almost literally! 

And so fate brings me to these amazing human beings, and them to Lapid Leaders. We never can guess where the cards we play will lead us, but one thing is certain, we are to make the most of the little we are accorded. Faithful with little, and you shall be trusted with much. As this journey kicks off, I pray the Lord make them even stronger.


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