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Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly

“Like many other graduates, I finished my undergraduate studies with one question lingering in my head; what next? Two simple words that hold a lot of meaning. I had a feeling of inadequacy, desperation and to some extent, depression all these as a result of trying to answer the question ‘what next?’.

I felt that there was still something missing and I wasn’t ready for the job market. But thanks to the 3 months spent at Lapid i now know that i do have much to offer. I’ve learnt the importance of self-respect and the necessity of a good value system that as a leader I am obligated to stand on for me to be a person of influence. I’ve realised that having an idea means nothing if you don’t have the work ethic to back it up and most importantly I’ve realised the importance of relationships, especially those created out of mutual respect and with the intentions of adding value. I now believe that for the African people to realise their potential, we need to work together and build such relationships that will add value to this continent.” Andrew Kagicha, Recent graduate of the School of Law of Catholic University


Greatness is achieved one step at a time

“My Lapid Story isn’t about winning. It isn’t also about conquering.. I call it a journey of self-fulfillment. I call it a journey of raising a new generation of Leaders worth the name. I’m not scared of improvements made during my Lapid days. I’m astonished. In fact I’m amazed. I try every time to feed myself good material to keep up with the pace. And as I see how far I’ve come, I realise I’m not alone. The vision is not solely mine. I just form part of the circle. I’m just part of it. But I’m encouraged and pushed forward by the fact that, however the circle seems small, it can only go in one direction. It can only get bigger. I’m a drop in the ocean, but again I realise that’s good. That’s fine. But Fine can only go too far, we need, I need to keep the story going. The story of not of self but of the whole world, but let’s start home. . Join the movement. Let’s bigger this circle..” Eugene Ng’ang’a , fourth year student at Kenyatta University

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If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, walk with others

“I become what I think about most…my Lapid experience has enabled me to have a change of mindset that regardless of your environment, anything is achievable.. For me Lapid has taught me that discipline alone is not the end game but continuously stretching yourself… We need both discipline and goals to make ourselves better people in the world in every opportunity we get. It only takes one man to influence the change we all need and Lapid has made me that person. It’s not about what is around us but the faith that everything will be better each day… I cannot be selfish and not share my Lapid experience but shout it out to Kenya, East Africa, Africa and the whole world that faith, truth and love is all we need to be the leaders we need!” Doreen Otieno, recent graduate of the School of Law of University of Nairobi
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Lead the change, today!

“Growing up i had this mindset that for me to make a significant change or solve a problem i needed to be of a certain caliber. Going through Lapid,we went through various programs that have changed my outlook in life. I have come to learn and appreciate my position as a youth in Kenya and Africa at large. It doesn’t take much for me to make a difference. I don’t need to be financially able to make a difference.
Having learnt and still learning,i believe that every one,irregardless of their background, plays an important role in realizing Africa’s vision. I don’t need to be a politician or a millionaire to make a significant difference. Lapid leaders Africa has equipped me with all the skills,values and knowledge i need to be a leader with a difference.  To see Africa’s problems not as obstacles to development but as opportunities to explore our creative side.” Esther Muna, finalist student of the School of Economics of University of Nairobi

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