How Lapid unlocked my true potential

When I joined Lapid, I badly wanted a change, I needed something that would positively engage my mind and give me an opportunity to see something that was working out in my life.

  1. When I joined Lapid:
Lapid Leaders (60 of 60)


  • I was looking for a chance to start actualizing my dream of creating an arts therapy center that will impact psycho-social issues in my community,
  • I wanted to find a community where I would be challenged and understood and not merely be gaped at by people who don’t see the need for caring about the problems of Africa.
  • Through reading the manual, listening to the passionate and honest speakers I was instantly drawn in by their ingenuity, passion for excellence and a heart for Africa. They were deep wells of knowledge, they opened our minds, painting a clear picture of the possibilities that lay around us. Candidly they shared with us their successes ,failures and hopes for the future.
  • The team work exercises got me out of the isolation I had been experiencing in my mind. I was afraid of people, and I remember confessing my fear of rejection. I had been running solo up to this point never really knowing how to work together with another person on getting something done. It felt faked at first but over time it felt easier and easier.
  1. To illustrate this point:

When we were given group exercises I would rush the group through the discussion with my own thought patterns. I never allowed time for the group thought process to mature organically. I was a little too fast.

I only got to discover this, when we were giving each other feedback on strengths and weaknesses. One person said, “ You are so passionate that you get carried away with your ideas and the discussion, you always leave others behind. If they do not understand things as quickly as you do, then they will always be left behind.”

When we were working together on the business idea, I always felt the need to take the lead even though I wasn’t the leader.

Looking back I realize I put myself under so much emotional distress because I couldn’t understand the apparent ‘slowness’ of my group members in performing tasks I essentially identified as important for the project as the project manager. This failure to foster the same kind of enthusiasm puzzled me so much that I had to look into how groups function and what it takes to build a winning team. Words/ phrases like moving at the same pace , being of the same mind and identifying the goal as a team and making sure everyone feels the same about it, made me realize that I have always overlooked some important things in life when it comes to people. Just because you have a brilliant idea doesn’t mean that it will make sense to everyone or that they will see it in the same way, yes our dreams are valid but if we do not have the skill of collaboration our dreams may not go far. WE NEED PEOPLE.

  1. Now



A community of values-driven leaders

I have contemplated this team work concept over and over in my sub-conscience. What is the secret sauce? What makes teams work? What’s the psychology behind their success? How can we make our team work? I have been listening to you tube videos on this subject. I am looking for a good book  I can read.

  1. Practically I have taken the back seat and allowed the leader of the business idea to actually LEAD.

I can easily see how character flaws and psychological scars from my immediate past have contributed to this independent personality that fears to trust another person. It’s hard not to be in control but I have to continue getting these obstacles out of the way. I m so happy and positive that with the support and positive feedback I am getting from Lapid, I will grow from strength to strength.

  1. The way forward:

As I contemplated and filled in the blanks in the purpose and passion exercise on page 207 of the Purpose and Passion Module, I was able to confirm to myself what my purpose in life entails, 3 things that work in perfect synchronous

  1. Healing through the arts
  2. Leadership
  3. Wealth Creation.

In my workbook, two bold words are printed in bright orange,   IT’S TIME…

It’s not that I didn’t think of it before, but there is a new strength that has come , a new resolve, I’m so excited about each day experiencing how different I have become. I had it coming all along, but through Lapid my true potential was materialized.



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