Why a mentor is crucial in the new year

A new year activates a high sense of optimism. It represents a new chapter, the possibilities are endless; new fitness goals, a healthier lifestyle, new work projects or even new reading habits. However, with or without all the optimism, the one thing that is for sure is that there will be decisions that will need to be made, there will be bumps along the way and inevitably there will be gaps in your ability to make 2016 a great success – which is why finding a mentor can be invaluable to your success in 2016.

Whether it’s advice on the strategies to adopt in 2016, or just the benefits of a new perspective, a mentor can offer support to help make your 2016 smoother; so finding a mentor should be a top priority.


We are in the process of recruiting the next cohort of the Lapid Leaders that we will walk with in 2016. Our experience in mentoring many young graduates in 2015 has given us some great experience on the mentorship journey. Over the next few days, we will share some of these lessons on what to look for in a mentor, where to find a mentor and how to ensure that you find a mutually beneficial relationship that will help you now but also in the future…

The importance of a mentor: They’ll cover the basics and push you to grow

Mentors act as a background sounding board that you can bounce ideas and decisions off, and who will help you to realise what you want to achieve and how to go about getting it.

Furthermore, the right mentor can provide insights on ideas and decisions that can transform the decisions and ideas into very successful moves. For example, a mentor will help you realise that instead of a one year business plan, a company needs a strategy for two or three years so it plans for scalability – a good mentor will push you to do this and will help you to practically implement your plans.

Own your life

Although a mentor will be there to guide you, you are still responsible for your life and the decisions thereof. They are not there to solve all of your problems but to watch and challenge you to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and how to improve.

The most fruitful mentorship relationships are built on mutual relationship and a desire from the mentee to go the extra mile. If the mentee is not self-driven, the mentorship relationship will hit a snag somewhere along the way. Remember that in a mentorship relationship, you only get out what you out in. Own the process.

In the end, as the mentee you are the one who has to make the decisions and the mistakes – your life is your responsibility and these mistakes are often important learning curves in becoming successful.

The right mentor for you


StretchIn choosing a mentor, ensure you choose someone who is interested in seeing you grow and live out your fullest potential. Such a mentor makes the time to understand you, the circumstances in which you operate in and are honest about your strengths, your decisions and ideas.

Also look for confidentiality in a mentor, this is key to a healthy mentorship as you need someone who you can turn to when you’ve made mistakes. This in turn will mean that a mentor will share things with you, therefore creating a mutually respectful relationship.

Acquiring and keeping your mentor

If you are seeking mentorship, you need to know what you want to achieve in your life and what you want to get out of mentoring before approaching someone.

Furthermore mentorship is a two way street so be mindful of how you will benefit the mentor. A one-sided mentorship does not flourish, and does not produce a mutually beneficial relationship. In the long run, one of the parties will find the relationship unsustainable.

For a mentorship to successful, both parties have to remain engaged throughout the mentorship. Figure out what you want out of each mentorship session – is it general advice or something specific, follow guidance and keep your mentor as up-to-date as you would want to be. Communication is key, so let them know about the little successes as well as the big mistakes.

New cohort AD-01

The overall objective of any good mentorship relationship, is to help you go further, faster. This is why mentorship is a key element of the Lapid Leaders Experience. We utilize a blend of training, experiences and mentorship to unlock the full potential of the Lapid Leaders. What other tips have worked for you in the mentorship relationships you have engaged in?


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