Why Africa is the best classroom on leadership

In the recent past, there has been a lot of interest on Africa. Different opinions have been floated on the state of the continent and where it is headed to. Each of these opinions and stories on Africa have deferred depending on the author’s perspectives. For some, Africa is still nothing but a hotbed of terror; for others it’s the place that poverty resides in; for many it still the place with serious governance issues.

However, there is also a different kind of author emerging; the author who sees how Africa is on the rise. For these authors, they believe that Africa is the continent to watch in this century. They believe that the story of Africa will become like that of China and India, unprecedented growth within a short period of time.

What both these perspectives miss is that Africa is the one continent that is made up of many stories. It is impossible to correctly look at Africa from the eyes of gloom nor the eyes of optimism and be correct. Africa is a complex country with more sides to the con than one. Chimamanda Ngozi ably points this out at length in a TEDtalks here, ‘The dangers of a single story’.

Frontier-RevolutionAfrica is the one continent that is a combination of all the pessimism and optimism, all in one plate and more. Africa is a bi-polar continent, with some of the greatest opportunities of the century exist in this continent, but also some of the greatest challenges.

Africa, being an emergent economy, has high degrees of uncertainty, high degrees of complexity and, unfortunately, often high degrees of inequality that call for societal responsibility. This is why we believe Africa is the best classroom on leadership. If you want to see how bad governance can ruin a country, look at a country in Africa and all the theory on bad governance will become a reality. If you want to learn on how good leadership can overturn the tides of a country, again, Africa has the best classrooms on this.

In order to learn from these glaring lessons that the continent presents, we have incorporated an African Immersion to the Lapid Leaders Experience. Some of the Lapid Leaders will visit several African countries with the intention of learning from these great classrooms.

Our inaugural immersion will be to Kigali, a country that probably provides some of the best lessons on leadership.

Quick facts

KigaliDid you know that Rwanda is one of the fastest growing nations in Africa?

Did you know that Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, has been declared the most beautiful city in Africa by the United Nations?

Did you know that it is the only country in Africa that has outlawed polythene papers?

How this relatively small landlocked country has achieved these great milestones in the last 20 years, even after such tragic events as the genocide, is a class on its own and we intend to seat and listen to this lessons.

We will therefore be visiting Kigali to learn from them. We will meet with several government officials and business leaders to learn from them how they have managed to transform Rwanda into what is termed as the ‘Singapore’ of Africa. We invite you to be part of this trip.


You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram and we will keep you posted as we visit this great nation. You can also support our students who are currently fundraising for this trip, send an email to us for more information. Either way, you need to be part of this classroom, who knew that the best practical education is actually in this continent!



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