Why You Should Think About Interning Or Volunteering

You have completed your undergraduate studies. You are armed for the marketplace, ready to place your mark in the world. At the back of your mind is the advice to ‘follow your passion’. Unfortunately, you quickly realise that a job that drives you towards what you are passionate about and which at the same time meets your financial needs is a combination that is not easy to come about. What should you do? Do you give up on your passion? Do you take any job that comes your way?

Internships and volunteering are two increasingly fruitful avenues that could lead you to the career that you’re passionate about. However, like every road that leads to success, they both demand backpacks of determination, commitment and patience.

Internships are increasingly becoming a necessary first step to the start of any career; not only do they serve as an eye opener for university undergrads and fresh job-seekers, these days they are among the most effective auditions used by employers to gauge competence and commitment. Volunteering on the other hand offers similar benefits, but they go further to boost personal and professional reputation for life. Undertaking one or both of them could be the launchpad to your dream career.

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As an intern you get the opportunity to experience the reality of the career that you have been dreaming about. You face the realities of the workplace. You develop attributes such as a great work ethic, providing solutions, working with other people among other. This experience years later could be priceless.

You could also be fortunate enough to even work in your choice company given that unlike full employment, internship placements are easier to secure.

Most companies pay interns an allowance, but what should inspire you to intern is the full time job that could be offered if you perform well.  Tomorrow, Grace Ussenge, one of the Lapid Leaders explains how she transitioned from an internship opportunity she secured while going through our program, to a full time job that she enjoys.

A worthwhile performance as an intern easily puts you at the top of the list of an organization’s job applicants. Even when not retained, the experience you have garnered also gives you an edge over your contemporaries at any other job interview, especially when they have very scanty CVs.



Like internships, the benefits of volunteering are enormous. You learn new skills from volunteer work, you make the kind of friends and acquaintances that will help your personal and professional growth.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to connect to your community and build up crucial social networking skills. Many individuals who have been involved in volunteer experiences, have developed strong leadership skills that come in handy in future. In addition, volunteering presents an opportunity to serve the community with your skills.

This is why as part of the Lapid Leaders Program, we take the Lapid Leaders through various volunteer experiences. We have also partnered with various employers who avail internship opportunities to Lapid Leaders. You can sign up for the upcoming Lapid Leaders Seminar and you will be eligible for the internship and volunteer opportunities availed to Lapid Leaders.

As an individual set out to achieve your passion in life, internship and volunteering experiences are two great companions for your journey to the top. They may not seem to have an immediate effect, so be patient because their worth, like investments, comes through in the long while.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.


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