How media is helping us build a successful Mobile App business

Snapshot_6My name is Timothy Njoroge Oduor, I am a Lapid Leader and one of the founders of a company called Yeyo!

In this time and age it’s hard to find enough people with the motivation to create and start their own business especially given the challenge of raising capital. However, for me and a few friends who are the brains behind Yeyo, we thought of a small idea in a very cramped up bedroom, and a company was born.

Yeyo is a ticketing outlet service that also doubles up as a social networking site that is very useful to event organisers who would socialize with their customers through the site.

It has only been a couple of months since the company officially began, and we have already been interviewed in a TV station, TV Cosmpolitan (TVC).

The TV interview
Yeyo 1I met the producer of the show, Scott Keita, at one of the Lapid Leaders Community Service events. I later introduced him to the rest of the group and he invited us to be a guest at the Generation Y show on TVC.

We were very nervous, as it was our first time. Although we had been given an overview of the questions to be asked beforehand, that did not stop us from having butterflies in our stomachs.

However, the interview turned out to be very beneficial. These are some of the benefits we got from this interview:

  • The TV interview was an eye opening experience for us as it was our first time. The next one will be a walk over!
  • The interview created an even stronger bond within the Yeyo members. We conquered this challenge together!
  • Since the interview, Yeyo became very busy and preoccupied with work, as the interview gave us an exposure to the rest of the world , even as an advertising tool. We even got some clients as well as opportunities for ticket servicing with some event planners
  • We were even linked up with prospective investors

Media is a great tool to grow your business, we will grab any other opportunities for a TV interview. Watch this interview with Michael Oyier, a former KTN News Reporter, for more tips on how you should use media to grow your business.


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