Media 101: How to engage media to build your business

IMG-20150719-WA0002While the mission of Lapid Leaders Africa is to prepare young adults to be leaders in the marketplace, without the necessary exposure, it is just a good dream. When we begun this journey, we had to intentionally formulate ways to provide these vision the exposure it needed in order for it to spread its wings. Every new product or service or even worthy cause, needs exposure to its potential customers otherwise it will never pick up from ground zero. One of the ways to provide the needed exposure is through media.

Media can be a taunting affair for a start-up company. How do start to engage media in order to provide exposure to your products or services? Could the onset of digital TV be an opportunity for a lot more media exposure? Gone are the days when the only way to get media exposure was through legacy media that was very difficult to penetrate.

In this edu-vlog, Michael Oyier, a former TV anchor of KTN provides useful tips that can help you engage media to provide exposure to your business. Please share with us how your experience (or lack of) with working the media has been.


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