Fearless Summit – An exciting opportunity


They say that when you start living out God’s purpose for your life, the joy of this supersedes any amount of money you’ll ever make. I witnessed this firsthand at the Fearless Summit. The Fearless Summit was an event of one of a kind. We had been sponsored to attend the summit at absolutely free. As if that was not inspiring enough, the thing that particularly inspired me was the fact that its theme was tailored along positioning yourself . This theme spoke specifically to me as I am passionate about developing others to be better. It was an honor gracing this event and I must say it was an exciting experience!

I had the privilege of learning new information that was really impactful from amazing speakers, from Rachael Ruto the CEO to Larry Madowo to many other speaker, I was spoiled for choice for the things that stood out for me.

However, there are two things that have remained with me; these are include a very holistic view of leadership and secondly the value of following one’s passion. Leadership is an attitude, a state of mind that is readily available to all. We should always strive to lead without titles and be fearless influencers at our own spaces, a courageous person is not the one who never feels fear, but one who feels fear and takes action anyway.

The second thing that I learnt was on passion. This posed a serious question to me which is, “What are you doing to help build a new and better world?” Following one’s passion simply means using your God-given gifts to make the world a better place, but it would be great to turn those gifts into profitable ventures. This can be achieved through continuous growth and reinvention to sustain life. The challenge that was posed was to keep challenging ourselves to think better, confronting our limitations, standing for what’s best in terms of knowing your values and simply refusing to be average!

IMG-20150720-WA0017I believe I am gifted with creativity and innovation. After this summit I will definitely seek to pursue this passion.

The summit enabled me to know about a resource called Mizizi, is a ten week experience that is geared to help people connect with God, their purpose and also like-minded people on a journey of discovering and living out their purpose. I believe this will add value to me in the near future.





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