This is who we are

Our Mission

Lapid Leaders Africa (LLA) prepares young adults to be values-driven leaders and entrepreneurs in the marketplace. LLA equips the young adults through highly practical training and mentorship programs which are facilitated by leading professionals in the marketplace. LLA focuses on three pillars of leadership: Lead Self, Lead Marketplace and Lead Africa. Meet the first cohort of Lapid Leaders here

Why leadership?

The workplace has a growing demand for employees who possess strong leadership skills that go beyond traditional educational competencies. However, our education system is tailored towards increasing the knowledge of the students but does not intentionally develop their non-academic skills in readiness for the marketplace. This has resulted in the commonly referred to ‘half-baked’ graduates. We equip young adults with the practical leadership skills that will distinguish them. We post some of the useful hints for anyone searching a job here.

However, leadership on its own is not enough for Africa’s marketplace. Africa does not lack leaders but lacks values-driven leaders. The goal therefore is not just leadership but Lapid Leadership. Lapid means torch in Hebrew, which represents the responsibility of Lapid Leaders to Africa, to be the light of their world.

For more information, visit our website: or contact us below:



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