A Lapid Leaders Perspective: Clarified Purpose and Talents

Written by Jane Kamau, a fourth year student at Kenyatta University. 


A journey of discovering my passions, values and talents

My journey in Lapid Leaders Africa (LLA) was very impactful; it has broadened my thinking capacity and shaped my mindset in a great way . I am now a leader and entrepreneur with values and big dreams. LLA has helped me define my purpose and I thank God that I have now realized my purpose as a leader in Africa. I am a skilled secondary school student mentor and a counselor as a result of this journey.  Another thing that stood out for me was…..
Another thing that stood out which will impact my career is power of team work in market place .It is not possible for any individual to be great by just working by themselves ,we are gifted in different things and not in everything. It is now clear that if I want to take Africa to the next level, I must think the people I will walk with.

I will utilise all I learned in the classes to fulfill my dream of making Education relevant to all. I will raise and partner with other mentors in developing secondary school students ,I will play part in supporting education system stating from my village spreading to other parts of Kenya and Africa at large. Education must have its real meaning to all secondary students.
God bless LLA’s founder for bringing this program which has opened doors my eyes at this age. It was an awesome three month journey which I don’t regret . I would like to encourage many young people to take this journey , it is an opportunity to be the leader you did not know you can be. If you are still struggling knowing your purpose,talent, values ,this is the right journey to take.


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